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What a fun, fun wedding Mike and Kerri had this weekend! I was so excited to be able to help behind the scenes. It was a blast and truly unique!

This wedding was on a Friday night at a beautiful venue in Plano. (Tip to all those budget-conscious gals out there: Got a venue you LOVE and but don't admire the price tag? Think about getting married on a Friday night instead of Saturday. You can often slash hundreds and even thousands off the event space fee.) Thursday night at the rehearsal dinner upon talking to the bride, we realized there were a few things she simply didn't have time to pick up before the big day. So I ran an errand or two before arriving at Kerri & Mike's house shortly before noon on Friday. And then the fun began!

I carry a giant wedding day emergency kit! I always think it is too cute when you go to wedding shows to see those tiny purse-sized kits for sale with two bandiads a tiny bottle of mouth wash and some safety pins. If it were a baby, I'd pinch it's cheeks and tell it how cute it is. My kit on the other hand - is the McGuyver of wedding day emergency kits. It's got everything you could possibly imagine. And if it doesn't. I could make whatever you need from it's contents! One thing I have always carried in my kit is chalk. And on this day I was certainly glad to have it!

At last glance around the venue, Kerri had decided that the tables really needed something to make them "pop." So she picked up some black fabric but hadn't had time to cut it just yet. Enter the Gal Around Town. In an hour I had measured out each piece, marked the cut lines with chalk and created some really fun centerpiece enhancements for the tables! And hey - I've got to drop them off at the venue anyway, so I might as well see if anyone needs anything else. Within the next hour, I had run to the bank, the craft store and the venue.

By the time I got back to the house, things were really swinging! The photographer had arrived to take those oh-so-fun "getting ready" shots. Bridesmaids were there getting their hair done. Flower girls were dressing and Kerri was taking some last minute bridal portraits. We had a blast finding props and poses and candid situations around the house to make some really fun photos!

Next thing we know, we are off to the venue for the countdown to the ceremony! I arrive early to hang the dress in the brides room and anticipate any needs as the bridal party shows up. The guys arrive first and the focus is on getting them dressed. Is the tie straight? What are these things - I thought the shirt already had buttons? Can you tighten my vest? One pant leg looks shorter than the other, what do we do? One by one, I address each concern with the help of my trusty emergency kit.

Then the girls arrive and it's an emergency kit blow-out bonanza! Flower girls have blisters from their new shoes, got any Band-aids? Check. Hair is falling, got a flat iron and some bobbly pins? Check. No, I mean a LOT of bobby pins. Check and double check. You can totally see my bra in this dress, safety pin? Fashion tape? Check. Hairspray? Check. Lip gloss? Check. By the time the last breath strip had been dispensed, the girls were ready to get in line and the ceremony was underway!

By the way...what a unique ceremony! SO. MUCH. FUN! THe guys strutted their stuff down the aisle to the Cowboy's theme song. (The groom is a HUGE Cowboys fan.) The bride made her grand entrance to the wedding march from Flash Gordon! And the recession? Why - the music to the ceremony scene at the end of Star Wars, of course! It was so fun and so them! The rest of the night went off without a hitch! Hopefully I'll have a few photos to post soon! Congratulations Mike & Kerri!!!

See you around town!
Wheeeee! Hello and welcome to my new website and blog! I am so excited to be kicking off this venture! Gal Around Town has arrived! I am just now eeking out into the world of blogging, so bear with me! Since Gal Around Town is geared at making your life easier and/or your wedding go off without a hitch, I plan on posting tips, ideas and thoughts on how to help you keep from going crazy as you work through your ever-expanding To Do List. Since this is all new to me, I'll be just as surprised as you to see where it all leads, but I am sure with your feedback and my enthusiasm, we can have a lot of fun and probably even find a useful tip or two!

In addition to working on the website (a work in progress as you can see, but I am excited to get it up here!), I've also added a fan page on Facebook and the support has been amazing! A big thank you and huge cyber-hug goes out to all those great folks who have signed up and passed on the Gal Around Town fan page! To keep the momentum up, I'm proposing a drawing. Please continue to encourage your friends and family to sign up for my Facebook fan page. Once I reach 100 fans, I will draw five names from those fabulous fans and send each one a $5 Starbucks gift card. Happy Facebooking!

See you around town!